How To Be Productive At Home While On Self-Quarantine

March 26, 2020
How To Be Productive At Home While On Self-Quarantine

So far, 2020 has brought everyone to challenging circumstances wherein everyone is mandated to stay at home as our Government solves a state of calamity, schools have been suspended for the time being as the virus outbreak is most prone to the youth and the old. 

Legacy Leisure Residences understands the position that everyone is in so we came up with few suggestions that one can do in the comforts of their home to still be productive while we all wait until it is safe to come outside: 


1. Work on your unfinished backlogs at work.

Work on your unfinished backlogs at work.

Remember those tasks that you told yourself you’ll finish once you’re done with your daily tasks in the office? 

Well, now’s the perfect time to unclog your workload so that when you do get back to your desk in the office, you won’t have to worry nor procrastinate on your unfinished tasks. 

2. Do some General Cleaning.

Do some General Cleaning

With the virus outbreak, everyone has become mindful of their health and their practice of cleanliness and tidiness. Disinfect your countertops, cabinets and door knobs, sterilize your eating utensils, and scrub your bathroom tiles. It’s not a crime to be extra-careful nowadays. Focus on the cleanliness of your home as it also impresses visitors and guests once it’s safe to go out again! 

3. Catch up on your reading.

Catch up on your reading

Have a novel on pause? Grab your favorite blanket, and position yourself comfortably on your couch, and continue where you left off on that novel you’ve put on hold for months now. There’s nothing more productive than finishing a good book. 

4. Level up on your video games.

Level up on your video games

Who said bonding with your friends isn’t possible right now? Of course, you can! Just plug in your favorite online video game with your friends, and have fun as you guys bond while complying with the necessary social distancing.

5. Spend quality time with your family.

For a couple of years or so, you have been accustomed to not seeing your other family members at least five times a week because of school, work, or late-night meetings. 

Now, you are all gathered in your spacious, comfortable home! Maybe catch up on some stories with your siblings or video chat some of your relatives that are in different parts of the world, just to let them know you and your family are okay. You can also watch a movie together as a family as you guys spend more time together during the quarantine.

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