Made in Davao: Earthquake-Resistant Homes

December 26, 2019
Made in Davao: Earthquake-Resistant Homes

With the recent 6.6-magnitude earthquake in Mindanao last October, the Philippines is shaking and checking their homes twice if their homes are earthquake-proof. This is the same with home-seekers.

In search of a new home, it was believed that older is better since it has already surpassed the country’s strongest earthquake back in 1990 and is also marketed at a lower value. However, new buildings were built to make sure the effects of the 1990 earthquake doesn’t happen again. If you’re looking for a home that’s earthquake-resistant, new buildings are the way to go. They are equipped with earthquake-proof designs and technologies that are aligned with the updated Structural Code. And Legacy Leisure Residences is one of them.

Legacy Leisure Residences carries a promise to provide both fun and comfort in your homes which is why we made sure even a natural phenomenon such as earthquake won’t get in the way. The property has a Certificate of Seismic Resistance and Vibration Resistance of Equipment, Buildings and Structures, which means it has passed multiple examinations to ensure that your home with Legacy Leisure Residences can withstand any major effects an earthquake may bring.

Being located in the Pacific Ring of Fire, the Philippines is expected to have around 10,000 earthquakes a year. So it’s better to stay safe from earthquakes and secure a home in Legacy Leisure Residences today. Book your slot now and contact us here 0909-929-8315 / 0909-537-7603.